On Wednesday, Politico/Morning Consult released results of their new poll, which shows at least 50% percent of registered voters approve of the House impeachment inquiry, while 42% oppose it.

Eight percent of those surveyed don’t have an opinion.

Let’s remember how Democrats had to change the article of impeachment three times (quid pro quo, bribery, now abuse of power) because they have zero evidence. Abuse of power? If Abuse of power is defined as Trump doing his job fixing 30 years of problems, then the Democrats can’t be taken seriously anymore.

Here is how the results from the current poll, released Wednesday, break down:

  • 81% of Republicans opposed the impeachment inquiry, while 15% support it.
  • 12% of Democrats oppose the inquiry, compared to 83% support it.
  • 45% of independents support the inquiry, while 41% oppose the inquiry.
  • 51% of all those polled would favor the House impeaching President Donald Trump, while 41% would oppose it.
  • 49% of all those polled would support the Senate removing Trump from office, compared to 41% who would oppose it.
  • 39% of all those polled approve of the job Trump is doing as president, while 58% disapprove.

While looking at these results, I keep hearing how Democrats are patriots for what they are doing.

The last thing the Dems are is patriots! They are impeaching the President so they can satisfy their base and ensure their re-election. They know that they have no viable candidate that can take the Oval Office despite marching out everyone they could. The fact that Michael Bloomberg would enter late is evidence of that. Impeachment is the ONLY chance they have at saving their own office.

The coastal Dems all have extremist bases, and they are willing to lose the house, senate and Presidency to save themselves. They know that you can’t sell your influence if you aren’t in the office. That’s a lesson illustrated by the Clinton Foundations donations since Hillary has been out of politics. And speaking of Hillary, the race to impeach Trump is so that Hillary can re-enter the race. And she will 100% re-enter because she needs to be in the office to keep selling out America. And this is patriotism? This is anything but patriotism.

Do You Stand With Pres. Trump Against Democrat Impeachment Efforts

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Democrats have shown by their actions how they hate the laws of America along with the Constitution, and further, they hate Pres. Trump because he stops their march toward lawlessness. And the American voters can see right through this. The Democrats deserve to lose the House and the White House and lose more seats in the Senate!

The poll conducted Dec. 6-8, surveyed 1,994 registered voters. The margin of error is plus or minus two percentage points.


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