Their faces say it all.

The anti-Trump CNN “New Day” hosts Alisyn Camerota and John Berman could not hide their disgust and disappointment in their new poll that shows President Trump surging.

When the CNN analyst says there is a massive movement towards Trump, Camerota asks desperately, “Why is this happening?”

He goes on to explain that it’s Trump’s good economy that’s fueling the surge.

He’s right, but it’s more than that.

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The American people appreciate President Trump for keeping his promises and supporting America First.

In addition, the American people don’t appreciate watching their president get railroaded by the Democrats who are pulling impeachment stunts and creating a constitutional crisis in order to try and take back some semblance of power.

You can watch the video below:

The media and liberals have been living in a self-imposed bubble where “orange man is always bad.”

They’re completely out-of-touch with the average American and are clueless as to what we want and how we feel about President Trump and the state of this country.

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These liberals actually believe that this silly impeachment is “historical” and “monumental” and it’s not.

The American people are tuned out because they know exactly what is going on.

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