In a devastating blow to fake news CNN, a federal judge has ruled that Covington Boy Nick Sandmann’s lawsuit against the propaganda network can move forward to the “discovery” stage.

Sandmann was part of the Covington Catholic school group that traveled to Washington, D.C. and were attacked by the Black Hebrews Israelites and a crazy tribal elder by the name of Nathan Phillips. The students were then falsely accused of smirking and disrespecting Phillps who claimed he was a “Vietnam Vet” but was actually guilty of stolen valor.

The fake news media and print media, along with liberal celebrities trashed Sandmann and his friends, who were wearing MAGA hats when the incident occurred.

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Sandmann is suing everyone under the sun  – including CNN – for lying about him.

The best part of this though is that the judges ruling now means that CNN’s emails will be fair game for Sandmann’s lawyers to pour over.

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Man, I am going to pray for some leaks!!

Ha ha ha ha!


Nicholas Sandmann’s lawsuit against CNN will proceed to discovery, a federal judge has ruled. This will be a devastating blow to CNN, which will now have all of its emails examined by lawyers for a severely wronged client.

Sandmann was one of the the high school student falsely accused of a racially-motivated attack against Nathan Phillips in Washington, D.C. Phillips was called a “Vietnam veteran” by the media, when in fact Philips was stolen valor. He never served in the Vietnam War and he was discharged from the military under circumstances suggesting a poor service record.

Sandmann sued CNN for lying about him.

Sandmann had been confronted earlier by a group known as the Black Hebrew Israelites – the group responsible for the deadly terrorist attack at a New Jersey Deli.

CNN wasn’t the only outlet to attack Sandmann. The National Review’s Rich Lowry and Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro joined the hate mob against Sandmann – although they at least sort-of apologized after realizing they had been hoaxed by the left wing media. (Why do those guys trust the media would be a good question for conservatives to ask them.)

Although the judge’s ruling was short, the court’s rationale was explained in the orders allowing Sandmann’s lawsuit to go forward against the Washington Post. [Mike Cernovich]


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