D-list “celebrity” and TDS Trump-Hater Chrissy Teigen can’t seem to get the Trumps out of her head.

Like many deranged liberals, Teigen (and her crazy husband) are obsessed with everything “Trump.” These people know next-to-nothing about politics but they are fixated on President Trump and his family in the most abnormal and unhealthy way.

Someone Help This Man: [VIDEO] Heartbreaking Video of Joe Biden Trying to Speak at an Iowa Event…This is Just Cruel

Case in point – snooty elitist Chrissy Teigen can’t even get her hair styled by her fancy professional hairdresser without attacking Melania.

During a cringe-worthy 6-second video the mean-spirited Teigen mocks Melania to please her rude, angry and hateful fan base.

However, things didn’t exactly go as planned for Teigen…

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You can watch the video below:

Here are some of the replies:

“Melania is better looking.”

“No..Chrissy is foul looking..her body parts hang in places they don’t belong. Melania is beautiful.”

“It’s really quite disgusting seeing everyone tear down a woman simply because of who shes married to. It’s not a free pass to attack her looks. I can’t believe all the women here especially. We should be complimenting and lifting each other up. Not tearing down.”

“She’s a beautiful woman. Seems like a compliment to try and look like her.”

“If she had botched collagen injections and gained a 100 pounds or so…”

“Melania speaks 6 languages and was worth 5 times your current net worth before she even married Trump.. bad call sports illustrated model”

“In your dreams, chipmunk cheeks”

“If Melania got hit in the face with Lodge skillet.”

“NO you don’t! You look like some chick who did TOO much BOTOX & ended up losing her mind!”

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