You know your impeachment is in big trouble when you lose anti-Trump whacko Chris Wallace.

Today’s impeachment hearing led by anti-Trump zealot Jerry Nadler made Adam Schiff’s sideshow look legit.

Nadler called three anti-Trump progressive professors to testify about how they “feel” about President Trump and how they “think” he should be impeached.

The Republicans called one witness, constitutional law expert Johnathan Turley.

The Dems had about 45 minutes to question all 4 witnesses and they literally ignored Turley, who is NOT a fan of Trump but believes this impeachment effort is a dangerous sham.

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Instead of hearing from all sides in a “bipartisan” effort, the Dems only focused on the crazed Trump-haters.

It was a disgusting spectacle, that not even Chris Wallace could defend.

You can actually hear the disgust in Wallace’s voice as he explains that today’s hearing was not a “search for justice or wisdom” it was just a Trump-bashing exercise, designed to only make the Dems point that “orange man is bad.”

And they wonder why the ratings for his sideshow are in the toilet and “impeachment” is underwater in every single swing state.

Not one of the witnesses the Dems called today had any facts to offer. They only talked about their “feelings.”  And every one of them donated to Obama, Hillary, and Warren.

This is a joke and a waste of our tax dollars.

You can watch the video below:

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