I can’t believe this bumbling old pervert is the frontrunner for the Democrats.

We’re all used to the dumb things that Biden says – we’ve seen it a million times over the years. But what’ happening now is very different than before.

Nowadays, he either seems like a confused rambling old man who you feel sorry for or an angry, agitated old man who hasn’t taken his “blue pill” yet.

But no matter how you slice it, Biden is not “leadership material.” Something happened to him “healthwise” over the past 3 years that plastic surgery and speechwriters can’t fix or undo.

I actually feel sorry for the man. The bungled words, confusing sentences, stuttering, and saying the most wildly inappropriate things are a sign that Biden needs to be under the watchful eye of professionals and loved ones, not out on the campaign trail promoting his “No Malarkey” tour.

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Speaking of the “No Malarkey” tour – during a stop where Biden delivered a stump speech, he told a crowd (many of which were kids) about how young children would enjoy rubbing his legs in the pool.

And no, I am n0t exaggerating or making it up. That’s what he told the group.

“Biden: ..by the way, I got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun and the kids used to reach in the pool and rub my leg down and watch the hair come back up again..& I tell ya what the men, the guys I worked with down here, they were all guys at the time”

You can watch the video below:

Even Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is disgusted.

“What in the heck is Biden talking about. This is truly embarrassing and Biden is oblivious to it.”

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