You knew it was coming and now it’s here.

Well not specifically here in America but you can put money on it that mobile phone detection cameras will be the norm throughout our country real soon.

An Australian state has decided enough is enough and since drivers won’t follow laws and stay off their cell phones, they made a huge move to use artificial intelligence to detect those who illegally use their mobile phones while driving. Starting December 1, they are the first to do so.

And believe me, it’s only a year or so before that technology is in America, catching drivers behind the wheels and fining them an absurd amount of money for not being safe behind the wheel.

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On one side, the government will invade your privacy with powerful cameras to see what you’re doing in your car and let artificial intelligence decide if it’s worthy enough to handoff to a human for review. On the other, too many drivers are in accidents or impeded from traveling to their destination on time because it’s well known that those on their cell phones drive slower causing delays and problems for others. That can be alleviated now.

Let that sink in for a while.

“The NSW Government is serious about reducing our state’s road toll and rolling out mobile phone detection cameras is another way we will do this,” Mr Constance said.

“As we enter a notoriously dangerous time of the year on our roads I want all drivers to know that if you use your mobile phone while behind the wheel of a vehicle in NSW you will have a greater chance of being caught, anywhere at anytime.

“Some people have not got the message about using their phones legally and safely. If they think they can continue to put the safety of themselves, their passengers and the community at risk without consequence they are in for a rude shock.”

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For the first three months, drivers caught by a mobile phone detection camera will receive a warning letter. After that drivers will cop a $344 fine, or a $457 fine in a school zone, and five demerit points – 10 during double demerit periods. [Transport.NSW]

I support the decision because I get tired of watching others on their phones, not obeying the rules and law enforcement not enforcing the laws and stopping it.

Hopefully, road travel becomes a lot safer with this move. My only question is, when does America get these babies?

Watch the video above, via Nine News Australia.


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