This article was written by Carlos Winston

Ever since the first iPhone released, Apple has been known to be an innovative player in the mobile phone market. The aesthetic and functional design of Apple products has been a defining feature of tech in the past decade.

In 2016 The iPhone 7 was released and was the first phone released by Apple that didn’t include a headphone jack. By 2021 the company aims to remove the charge port rendering the iPhone port less ultimately. As word gets around, many will wonder how the mobile phone experience may change in the future.

If you haven’t noticed, the demand for wireless earbuds in the tech market has risen drastically overall. If you do not own any Bluetooth headphones at this point, it would be pretty beneficial to get some soon. With that being said, wireless headphone technology began to develop more quickly after the removal of the headphone jack, and I feel wireless charging will do so as well. While wireless charging isn’t entirely new, it is worthy to note; wired charging is still the preferred way to charge for several reasons.

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Anybody who spends time outside of their home will have to charge their phone at some point — whether its in the car, the coffee shop or the airport. I don’t know about you, but I don’t haul a clunky wireless charger with me to these places. There are some seemingly apparent problems, but let’s try to take a look at the reasoning and feasibility.

The transition to a fully wireless mobile experience could end up being much less of a headache in the future. While it may not be what we are looking for, Apple probably has a wireless charging solution to offer their customers.

Honestly, that’s the best possible situation I can imagine an who knows the likelihood of that happening. Wireless charging isn’t particularly fast, not saying that it can’t be improved, but as of now, your iPhone would take twice as long to charge compared to a wired charger. The tech world requires constant readjustments, is this one that you’ll be found of? I can’t say so just yet. I’ll wait for the results of the release when it does happen.



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