A disturbing Periscope video from Alyssa Milano is making the rounds again on Twitter.

The video is from July, at the height of the “Obama cage” scandal. Milano is “ugly crying” over the humanitarian crisis at the border, complete with the scrunched up face and snot dripping. It’s really sad because clearly this woman isn’t playing with a full-emotional deck. This is not normal behavior. It’s very unstable and strange.

The video that went viral for all the wrong reasons is back again. A Twitter user retweeted a portion of the video and offered $1000.00 to anyone who could locate any video of Alyssa Milano crying and carrying on over the kids that Obama stuffed into cages.

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Retired lawyer Manny Ottawa is the man who is making the offer. And chances are he will not have to pay a dime because the real point he’s making is that these celebrities are total hypocrites. They paid zero attention to anything Obama did or gave him a pass on everything and now all of a sudden they’re turning on the “waterworks.”

President Barack Obama separated parents from their children at the border.

Obama prosecuted mothers for coming to the United States illegally. He fast tracked deportations. And yes, he housed unaccompanied children in tent cities.

For much of the country — and President Donald Trump — the prevailing belief is that Obama was the president who went easier on immigrants.

Neither Obama nor Democrats created Trump’s zero-tolerance policy, which calls for every illegal border crosser to be prosecuted and leads to their children being detained in separate facilities before being shipped to a shelter and eventually a sponsor family.

But Obama’s policy helped create the road map of enforcement that Trump has been following — and building on. [GOP.com]

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In the short video clip, Milano sobs uncontrollably for foreign kids temporarily separated from their criminal parents (I wonder if Alyssa realizes American kids are separated from their kids every day in this country?), and she says that borders are “fu**ing arbitrary lines in the sand.”

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Uh, okay. Is the security gate around her home also “arbitrary?”

The thing about liberals like Alyssa is that everything they believe is based on emotions and feelings. Facts don’t matter to these people. It’s all about how they “feel” and that’s why you can’t reason with them.

You can watch the video below:


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