Before I start, you can always check out, or and a new one if you want conservative headlines at your fingertips!

I used to visit Drudge daily. It was the first site I went to and checked back regularly for updates. When I tried to get some of my stories on Drudge, I noticed he was only sharing stories from individuals that he knew so that sort of turned me anti-Drudge. I really haven’t been to his site in the last two years and not even tempted to visit ever again. I don’t care if people think he’s gong anti-Trump, that’s his business.

Loosing an estimated 27 million visitors since July 2019 is huge in anyone’s book. I don’t feel sorry for him because of how he does business. There was a time when he linked to a story on my website and an hour later, he had moved the link to one of his favorite locations, that had the same story.

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I hope he looses another 27 million viewers. In most businesses, losing 28% of your revenue would put it into bankruptcy.

Most attribute the loss of over 27 million monthly visitors since a peak in July to the anti-Trump shift the site has taken. Once a staunch Trump supporter, the sudden shift in narrative has caused speculation that Matt Drudge has quietly sold the site. Further speculation along the same lines points to Chinese, North Korean, or Iranian parties as having taken over the site with a very secretive deal in place, though these rumors are unconfirmed. (Editor’s Note: As the author states, these are unconfirmed rumors, as in nothing backing them whatsoever. I allowed inclusion of this point only because there’s no evidence that they’re not true. Drudge has been acting strangely enough that even though it’s unlikely, it’s still plausible.)

During the 2016 election cycle, Drudge Report was an early and unflinching supporter of candidate Trump. All the way until shortly after the election, the front page constantly promoted candidate Trump while dogging on his GOP competitors during the primaries and Hillary Clinton during the general election. But things have changed. The site now highlights negative press and seemingly links only to left-leaning mainstream media publications for takes on anything pertaining to the White House.

One rumor floated is that Drudge has been unhappy with the President’s inability to build the wall. Conservative commentator Ann Coulter is another former Trump sycophant who turned against the President over illegal immigration. Like Drudge, Coulter’s influence has been waning in conservative circles. There have been strong Drudge Report alternatives popping up recently to replace Drudge for Trump supporters.

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Whatever has gotten into Drudge, it’s not helping his bottom line (unless the rumors are true and it’s DEFINITELY helping his bottom line). More importantly, it’s no longer a benefit for America to have Drudge Report persist with its influence.

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I truly don’t care what GOP Never Trump thinks. They are utterly irrelevant and intellectually incoherent. I don’t want to read them or watch them and get nothing important out of the experience if I do. If I want to know what leftists are thinking these days I can tune in to any MSM outlet and get it straight from them. Either way, an anti-Trump, anti-USA Drudge is pointless.


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