According to Juan Williams of the Fox News show, The Five, billionaire Michael Bloomberg is a better person to lead the nation than billionaire Pres. Trump is because he made his money while Trump inherited his.

How crazy is that? Juan, did your folks ever lend or give you any money? If so, then you’re not a real man.

Williams: “So, now we have a billionaire versus a billionaire. But I think it’s a real billionaire versus the guy who got his start from his dad and took advantage of bankruptcy laws [and] tax loopholes.”

“‘I want someone to create jobs and I want someone who has a proven track record. And I’m a pragmatist. I’m a centrist. Joe Biden’s not going to make it. So vote for Michael Bloomberg.'”

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So, Juan, Trump is a “pretend” billionaire? Kudos to Bloomberg for a successful career and kudos to Trump for just the same, is it worth more? You’re just jealous and have nothing else to say, stay away from politics; my 16-year-old twin daughters can be a better commentator.

So the party that repeatedly speaks out about the “evil rich” are now touting how great it is to have a super-rich candidate? These people are genuinely schizophrenic. Hypocritical may be a better word. A billionaire is a billionaire no matter where the money came from. I suppose the next statement Juan makes is that Trump isn’t a real president.

A father that stuck around, ingrained good moral and business ethics, who believed enough in his child to give him a path to personal success – I guess Juan has problems with that. A pity, so many kids today can’t even get their fathers to stick around and change a diaper, much less see him/her graduate from high school.

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Juan worked at the Washington Post, got reprimanded for some sexual misconduct. He gets fired from NPR for saying naughty things about Muslims. He comes on Fox and drives home. ‘I am the Black Liberal on Fox’ agenda every day. So now anytime he talks we’re supposed to consider it news? Why is it news that he says? His track record is squat. I never understand why the news shows on Fox want his opinion. I would think he would be better off at a CNN or MSNBC with Shepard Smith!

The heart of a family is a job. Without a job, you are dead in the water. Pres. Trump is doing his best to bring jobs back to the USA for all US citizens. Some jobs may be low paying, other high paying. At least the lower-paying jobs allow us to get a foot in the door; if we have what it takes, we will better ourselves.

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Posted by Wayne Dupree Show on Saturday, November 16, 2019

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