Thank goodness Brit Hume is still reading that god awful rag WAPO and paying close attention…because thanks to him, Vindma’s testimony has just been shredded into a million little pieces.

Hume was reading through WAPO’s piece on Vindman’s testimony, and his reasoning for why he came forward, to begin with.

Turns out Vindman, an unelected official, was “deeply troubled” that President Trump might be “subverting” U.S. foreign policy.

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Now, on the surface, we wouldn’t expect any liberal to read that and have any concern if anything they’d likely cheer Vindman on as a “patriot.”

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However, those of us who have more than “ankle-deep” knowledge of politics and understand how our government operates realizes that his comment is a game-changer.

Brit knows, which is why he said, “There is a huge fallacy in this. Anyone know what it is?”

The irony and fallacy of Vindman’s concern are that President Trump is the ONLY one who sets U.S. foreign policy. That’s the job of the United States President – to set foreign policy – so how on earth could he be subverting his own agenda?

Spoiler alert: He can’t. 

Unless of course, Vindman was not talking about Trump’s agenda but instead was referring to the Deep State’s agenda, who are likely furious that their “foreign policy” is being subverted.

This gotcha moment proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Vindman is nothing more than a Deep State stooge.

Twitter users were quick to chime in and comment on Brit’s very important find.

“Can I have the President decides US Foreign Policy for #100 Alex?”

“A President doesn’t subvert his own policy, he sets it and the doofus was supposed to carry it out!”

“President Vindman’s Ukraine policy was subverted by some elected guy in the Oval Office”?”

“POTUS determines said foreign policy, not Lt. Colonels.”

“Trump ‘is’ America’s foreign policy.”

“The fallacy is that the President sets US Foreign Policy, he can’t subvert it. It’s not possible.”

“How can the President subvert his own policy? If POTUS sets it then only a different person could subvert it.”


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