In 2012, Democratic leaders that control Tucson, Arizona’s second-largest city, designated the area as an “immigrant welcoming city” forced the police to adopt rules limiting when officers can ask people suspected of being in the country illegally.

On Tuesday, the city fought back against the leaders and voted not to become an official “sanctuary city” with more restrictions on how and when police can enforce immigration laws. Now that’s called a thumb in the eye.

Views on immigration are the single issue that will get Trump re-elected. In the first Democrat debate, they asked a question on which candidate supported free medical coverage for undocumented/illegal immigrants. Every single democrat candidate raised their hand. The truth is the vast majority of Americans do not support illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, free healthcare to illegals.

Running on giving more benefits and more power to people illegally in the U.S. will not win you an election. Nobody has an issue with legal immigrants, but most people do have an issue with illegal immigrants.

What I find interesting is that Democrats harp that Trump disrespects the law, but the most liberal counties and cities have no respect for the law. Sanctuary status is a finger to the eye of the law stating that we will not uphold nor all the law to be enforced here.

Democrats who control Tucson designated their town an “immigrant welcoming city” in 2012, and its police adopted rules limiting when officers can ask about immigration status.

But on Tuesday, given a chance to push the envelope further, the heavily Democratic city voted overwhelmingly not to become an official “sanctuary city” with more restrictions on how and when police can enforce immigration laws.

The incongruous result followed a contentious disagreement that divided progressives between those eager to stand up for immigrants and against President Donald Trump, and those who said the initiative would bring nothing more than unintended consequences.

“The city of Tucson, in all respects except being labeled as such, operates as a sanctuary city,” Mayor Jonathan Rothschild said in an interview before the vote.

The sanctuary initiative, he argued, would have tied the hands of police, even on matters unrelated to immigration while inviting expensive retaliation from the Trump administration and Republicans in the state Legislature. [Associated Press]

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The problem isn’t welcoming immigrants. Its that the US is literally under an immigration invasion! Then the libtards want to establish cities within our own country that cater tax dollars to illegal immigrants! “The Trump administration has fought sanctuary cities and tried to restrict their access to federal grants.” Exactly as they should! Why would we want more tax dollars going to people who don’t deserve it?

We, the people, miss our country that followed laws and allowed only legal immigrants to stay. Perhaps this vote is a start to taking our country back.

People need to go back to following our laws. It doesn’t matter if you like them or not. If you don’t, then go into politics and try and improve them. But the fact that we have any sanctuary cities is not okay, and American tax dollars should not be supporting something rests against our laws with our money.

ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL and should mean immediate deportation. Checking someone’s immigration status should be done everywhere and is upholding our laws, not being racist.

This lawlessness needs to stop. We should have ended the very first so-called ‘sanctuary city’ the moment the democrats started this practice to ignore federal law.

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