The impeachment inquiry hearings won’t look anything like what happened during the Nixon trials nor with former Pres. Bill Clinton.

We have moved way past that, and I am afraid we are at a point where the truth no longer matters to a large percentage of voters. All they care about is feeding their hunger to be motivated one way or the other. People on both sides of the political aisle only want to hear what is good for their party, and the same can be said about the left.

It is the middle that is open to change, and that is about all. Think about this.

For the last two and a half years, the media has been running negative against Pres. Trump non-stop. They have turned off a lot of Americans to their ridiculous coverage. When they try to push even harder during these public impeachment inquiry hearings, they will not only bond Trump’s base; they will add more supporters who see the President being railroaded over a phone call to which the individual that made the complaint doesn’t even plan to testify.

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I’m thinking the people are not buying the narrative that they’re being told. The drumbeat is that Pres. Trump asked Ukraine to interfere with an election by investigating a political rival. I may be giving the people more credit than they deserve. Still, at some point, you have to ask, is it digging up dirt on a political rival, or is it corroborating the story that the political rival is on camera bragging about? Creepy Uncle Joe admitted to making an actual quid pro quo with the Ukrainian government, and nobody’s batting an eye. The dirt was already dug up.

The other question that has to be asked is whether or not this amounts to an impeachable offense, assuming there was an actual quid pro quo. The more constitutionally astute Americans would realize that the law that was allegedly broken here was unconstitutional because it limits free speech. That, with the realization that this President has been under siege since election day, is going to throw public support behind an acquittal.

It doesn’t matter if the televised hearings convince the citizens Pres. Trump should or should not be removed from office — that is up to the Senate and the United States Supreme Court Justice John Roberts. Anything you see via the mainstream media about voter opinion swaying is pure speculation by the media, not because actual voters were interviewed.

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The problem now days is that people won’t watch the televised impeachment hearings. Instead, they’ll watch summaries from their favorite news outlet, be it CNN, CNMBC, Fox Entertainment, local news, and reach short little articles on the websites as listed above and here on Yahoo.

As a citizen and I use my head for something more than a hat rack, I am demanding that DOJ investigate the people behind this three-year conspiratorial attempt to pull an illegal coup d’etat on the Presidency.

Starting with James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, James Clapper, the Ohrs, and Robert Mueller. Then expanding to phase two to include the whistleblower, Rep. Adam Schiff’s staff & Schiff himself, along with Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

The Democrats and Republicans in name only have done more damage to this country than any other institution in US history. The Democrat-controlled House has made a mockery of the United States and its Constitution. It has spread that confusion and destabilization across the globe through the mainstream media that delivery full-throat attacks on Pres. Trump daily.

If Pres. Trump was as wrong as they say, I wouldn’t have supported him, but he isn’t. For the most part, tribalism will play a massive role in this. Neither side will admit to being wrong, so most people have their heads made up already and can’t be swayed.

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The Democrats, along with their number one stooge, the progressive media have hoped for an economic collapse or at least some of Pres. Trump’s rally base drop off so they can claim victory in damaging Trump’s chances at reelection.

They want to put millions of people on the edge of economic ruin to take down one man. Not only don’t the Democrats stand for the Constitution, but they also defecate on the rule of law by supporting Sanctuary cities that promote illegal activities and further blurring the lines of our U.S. immigration policy.

America is no longer listening to the media or the Dems who have cried “wolf” how many times now? We will vote for Trump in 2020, and he will win by a larger margin than 2016.


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