According to a new Emerson Poll, support for the Democrat-led impeachment of Pres. Trump has declined since the public hearings started a couple of weeks ago.

Thinking more about these public hearings, maybe that’s why the Democrats wanted it done behind closed doors because it would turn Americans off to the craziness of the partisanship going on in the halls of Congress.

On Thursday, the Emerson Poll reported how support for impeachment has dropped from 48% to 43% since October, and opposition to impeachment has risen from 44% to 45%. That’s key as Democrats are rushing to bring in more witnesses that undercut their argument to bring down Pres. Trump.

Many people know how independents elect Presidents these days as both political parties are entrenched on either side. In this poll, their shift was out and center with 49% opposing impeachment and only 34% supporting impeachment. When the poll was done in October, 39% opposed impeachment while 48% support it.

Poll results also included the rise in approval for Pres. Trump as a net positive. Over a month ago, Pres. Trump’s approval rating was 43% in the Emerson Poll. That number has jumped to 47% and that’s during this impeachment process. That can’t be good news for Democrats who want to hurt Trump in any way possible, leading up to the 2020 general election.

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Posted by Wayne Dupree Show on Saturday, November 16, 2019


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