Cast member Kellee Kim had two immunity idols, and if she had played one during Survivor’s tribal council, she would still be in the game, but she trusted her friends to have her back, and a couple of them did not.

I haven’t watched Survivor in years, but I saw a #MeToo headline, and if any, a place would be ripe for something to happen that wasn’t kosher between a man and a woman, it would be Survivor or the other CBS show, Big Brother. Both of these shows include sexual tension after a few weeks, it’s so easy to see, but when a member complains of inappropriate touching to the point of tears, something has to be investigated.

In this first video, Kellee was speaking to a friend who also complained of another castaway, Dan Spilo’s unwarranted touching. You can see how it was affecting her.

Kellee: “As shown in the first episode, I told Dan that I didn’t like being touched and asked him to respect my personal boundaries,”

“Not shown is that Janet also had a conversation with him in the first six days, saying it’s not the same for me to touch younger women as it is for you. However, Dan was part of our core alliance and to risk alienating him was to risk my allies and my game. I tried to address the issue and move forward with the game. I can leave this show feeling proud of that,”

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If you have a little bit of time left, the tribal council video where Kellee was voted off is below:

After taking some time to reflect on the episode and seeing what other people have said, I can understand why Kellee didn’t play either of her idols. This isn’t a situation that you can compare to someone like Chelsea or Vince because Kellee was in the middle of a situation where she needed support. People supposedly rallied with her to give her a false sense of relief. As the victim in this situation, its only natural that Kellee wouldn’t feel the need to go the extra mile to protect herself with an idol when she shouldn’t have had to.

I’m glad that she at least had a few people in her corner, but there should’ve been a 12-1 vote for Dan because it would’ve been the right thing to do. It’s just a shame how moral ethics have become so blurred in this game when they shouldn’t even be compromised, to begin with.

I watched bits and pieces of earlier shows before I wrote this, and it showed him touching her multiple times. I also saw the same thing happen to the other women, but in their cases, those other women chose to keep their chances of a million dollars than voting him off.

One other addition to this is my personal feelings about Kellee. Report it and take action or not. She reported it and asked that nothing be done. It can’t be that bad when you say that nothing should be done. That’s not longer a case of her credibility about the incident (they have it on tape) but rather her credibility about the impact it had on her. You don’t cry about it, then say, “that’s cool!”

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