Recently, Trump-hater Stephen Colbert traveled to New Zealand for a series of bits for his late-night TV show.

While he was there, he was interacting with locals in a series of different settings – something similar to what he did when he was on “The Daily Show.”

In one bit he was riding around on a tandem bike with some locals.  During the bike ride, Colbert asked them if they were “proud” of their country. They responded, “yes,” to which Colbert responded “I miss that feeling,”

What a smug jerk this guy is.

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Doing his best Michelle Obama impression, CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert admitted on a recent visit to New Zealand that he is no longer proud of his country.

Colbert, who featured parts of his visit on his late-night show, was taking a four-wheeled bicycle tour with two New Zealanders and asked, “Are you proud of your country here?”

“Oh, yeah, love that,” the man replied.

“I miss that feeling,” Colbert quickly shot back, sounding a little too rehearsed.

Of course, it was during the presidential campaign in 2008 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that Mrs. Obama infamously said: “for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.”

Considering she became an adult in 1982, that’s 26 years of her apparently not being very proud of her country. Not until her husband was running for president. [Bizpacreview]

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You can watch the video below:

Needless to say, decent America-loving patriots had some strong words for Colbert, who has spent the past three years spewing hatred.

“I’m proud of my country! I’m not proud of the political elite class that has decided they are entitled to both decide our elections and become wealthy by peddling the influence WE GAVE THEM. I don’t even consider many career politicians as Americans (Pelosi).”

“I use to really like you. Maybe if you are no longer proud of America, you should stay down under.”

“Then he should move there. He’ll be happy and so will we.”

“Well, Colbert is free to stay in New Zealand. He’s part of the problem, anyway.”

“Oh… I guess he was proud when our country used the IRS to target political opponents? When they lied to everyone about their healthcare? When they set race relations back decades? When they spied on the media? When they spied on political opponents? What a crock.”

“God your a tool Steve, we want to miss you! Go away, get your ear fixed and find another trade. Comedy is not your gig for sure, you’re to political. People don’t want to hear your politics all fucking night. I used watch your show, me and about a million people…”

“Oh please. Just stay there and don’t come back. Think of all the money you’ve made off this horrible country.”

“Colbert is an idiot who uses slams against Trump to sucker gullible left wingers to boost his ratings making up for his lack of talent & comedic sense & timing. He couldnt polish Johnny Carson’s shoes. Without the politics his ratings would sink. He’ll secretly vote for Trump.”

“Why would New Zealand want Colbert? He’s certainly of no value.”

“I’ve been ashamed of Colbert for some time now. Used to be funny. Now just a lame old man.”

That’s okay the feeling is Mutual. Our Country isn’t Proud of  @StephenAtHome Either”

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