The Democrats had a very bad day on Wednesday. The impeachment circus suffered its greatest defeat yet, all thanks to their “star witness” Ambassador Sondland, who started out the day with a road and ended with the world’s loudest and saddest whimper.

“Sondland is the worst witness so far. He cant get his shit together. he is flip flopping like a lunatic”

He charged in claiming there was “QUID PRO QUO” and the fake news media went crazy, printing headlines that pretty much spelled the “end” for President Trump.

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“CNN’s headline was a complete lie.

However, bad news for Dems, it didn’t take long to demolish that phony story.

HUGE NEWS: REPORT: Interfax — Ukrainian MPs Demand Zelensky Investigate Suspicion of $7.4B U.S.-Ukraine Corruption Tied to Obama Admin

Rep. Mike Turner of Ohio absolutely blew up Ambassordo Sondland’s story and got him to admit that he had no evidence of anything he was saying – it was all just his “presumption.”


Bonus, Turner also called CNN out for their fake news while he was at it. “Twofer.”

You can watch that video below:

However, believe it or not, things got even worse for Sondland when he came face-to-face with Jim Jordan who embarrassed the ambassador so badly, that the gallery of onlookers busted out laughing.

Jordon went through and discredited everything that Sondland had sai and in the end got the ambassador to admit that this whole thing was basically a complete and total nothing-burger.

This was such a damaging day, that President Trump should send Schiff and Pelosi a “thank you” card. It was an unmitigated disaster.

You can watch the video below:

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