Former Sheriff David Clarke has had it with weak GOP’ers.

Sure, some good guys like Gaetz, Jordon, Scalise, Biggs, and others are fighting, but overall, the GOP are total duds when it comes to waging political war.

Clarke penned a great piece for Town Hall, where he said that he gives credit where credit is due. and while he does not admire a lot about the demonic Democrat Party, he does admire how they fight – and not only fight – they never quit—they will keep going and going until they’ve advanced their agenda. Nothing will stop them.

Meanwhile, the GOP sits around with their thumbs up their butts saying dumb garbage like, “Trump shouldn’t say mean stuff….” or “we’re better than that.”

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And what exactly does that get us (besides a false sense of moral superiority)?

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And before you say how great they fought for Kavanaugh, Clarke reminds us all that it was President Trump leading that effort, and Harry Reid and his “nuclear option.” Remember, McConnell didn’t even want Reid to go “nuclear” he fought against it. Thank goodness Reid ignored Mitch. Yet even still, Clarke points out that McConnell still refuses to get rid of the Senate filibuster rule.

Do you think the Dems will keep the filibuster rule when they eventually take back the Senate?

Sheriff Clarke says “no way,” and he’s right.

Take the following to the bank, folks. When the Democrats win back the Senate, they will get rid of the filibuster rule and run roughshod over Republicans. When Democrats wield power, it’s not halfheartedly or with shame. When you have control, you have to use it. It doesn’t last forever. The Democrats did that with Obamacare. They shoved it down the throats of the GOP and the American people and at a political cost. We’re still trying to get out from underneath it thanks to the late John McCain.

In politics, the name of the game is to win. There are no style points. Losing sucks. Democrats do not care how it looks when they win or lose. Take Stacey Abrams for example. She still refuses to concede the Georgia Governor’s race despite losing by 30,000 votes in November 2018.


The GOP now is currently playing defense by asking the Democrats to play fair on impeachment. What? When have Democrats ever played fair? Since the beginning, this whole impeachment process has been nothing more than a hyper-partisan invented scam. I am glad that Trump refused to have his office honor Adam Schiff subpoenas. I am a rule of law guy, but if the Democrats are not going to honor the rule of law, why should we, why should Trump? I refuse to let someone tie one of my arms behind my back before going into a fight.

If any GOPer wants to help Trump, leave the white gloves at home. This is not a white linen tablecloth affair. This fight is going to be messy. Democrats made politics a blood sport. Come with bare knuckles, hell bring brass knuckles if you want. If you insist on boxing gloves, put a horseshoe inside. Whatever you do, keep punching like President Trump is. If you go down, it’s better to go down swinging by sending a clear message to Democrats: Welcome to hell. You asked for it, and we will oblige. [Town Hall]

You can read Mr. Clarke’s entire piece here.

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