It seems obvious to most – President Trump is a shoo-in for reelection.

The Trump economy is booming, our foreign policy is peaceful and solid, our border is getting more secure, despite the Dems efforts to keep it wide open, China is on the ropes, and our military and law enforcement are respected and supported again.

Life in America is good again unless you have Stage Five Trump Derangement Syndrome like most everyone in the media and a large portion of Democrats.

And speaking of Dems…their 2020 field is weak. Joe Biden, the frontrunner is a sneeze away from full-blown dementia, and his two closest challengers are raging socialists.

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Forget all of these foam-at-the-mouth kooks, what on earth would compel a normal-thinking person to switch leadership now?

If you look at history, the American people like to give the president two terms to see his vision through. That’s why it’s very hard to unseat a sitting president. Historically, for that to happen it has to be a very big deal, like a bad economy or complete mismanagement on a broad scale.

Neither of those issues is the case with President Trump.

That’s why Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary AKA “Mr. Wonderful” says there is ZERO chance Trump loses next year.

He’s right.

“You know I don’t get into politics. You know what I look at? Policy,” O’Leary started. “I’ll say this. I’m a policy wonk. In my investment life, in all of the years I have been an investor in private and public companies, I have never seen a better environment in America, ever. It is not of tax reform, it’s deregulation over the last three years has set free all of my small cap companies in a way I have never seen. I see the monthly cash reports of these companies. Over 50 of them were having the best quarter we have ever had this quarter, and last quarter was the best quarter we ever had. It just keeps going. Whatever Washington is doing, keep the policy the same.”

“Here is my prediction about what is going to happen in the election. I love to use history to use as a guide for what is going to happen in the future and this is an investment for me. There has never been in modern times a president that has had his economy at under four percent unemployment, has ever lost his mandate ever! And so even with impeachment, even with all the crazy stuff, the chances that this administration will lose it’s mandate with unemployment under four percent, is ZERO.” [Trending Politics]d

You can watch the video below (his comments start around the 7:00 mark):


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