Schwarzenegger probably won’t be back…not after the latest Terminator movie absolutely bombed at the box office.


It’s the new 2019 “woke” version of the movie, so it was doomed to fail.

When will Hollywood learn that we don’t want progressive feminism shoved down our throats?

Everything Hollywood does nowadays to push their “diversity” and “feminism” is so forced and staged. There’s nothing organic about movie messages anymore. The plotlines read like a well-scripted PSA.

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Nobody wants to go to the movies to be preached at. We want to go and have fun and escape the everyday. But Hollywood is infested with Trump Derangement Syndrome, so they can’t stop themselves from feverishly pushing their progressive agenda and show off how “woke” they are.

Meanwhile, they’re going broke.

Case in point – the new Terminator movie – it’s the “woke” version with the cliche “badass” female leads – the same god awful female leads we’ve been subjected to in movies from Ghost Busters to Captain Marvel and everything in between. It’s tiring, and people are not paying to see this garbage.

Terminator: Dark Fate is not only tanking at the stateside box office, it’s also tanking overseas. If you have seen the movie, as I have, the fact that it cost $185 million to produce seems preposterous. There is no way all that money made it on the screen. But add another $100 million for promotion, and according to the formula, Dark Fate will have to make over $650 million worldwide just to break even.
That’s just not going to happen.

Dark Fate will be lucky to hit $75 million stateside, and the overseas grosses are already flaming out.

As of right now, despite endless publicity and the news about Linda Hamilton and James Cameron returning — after 28 long years — to the franchise, Dark Fate is looking at a $28 million opening weekend.

How bad is that?

The projections were closer to $40 million, but when your movie costs $300 million, when your movie costs as much as a Marvel movie that opens to $100  million, $40 million is still weak.

Worse still, it is the worst opening for a Terminator sequel ever.


What is so disappointing about James Cameron is that he used to make statements through intelligent storytelling. Sigourney Weaver: Action Hero. Hell-to-the-yes. Aliens was all the way back in 1986, and no one blinked an eye at a female action hero because there was no overt preaching and the casting was perfect. Aliens also has female Marines. Again, because Cameron created such a believable world and future, you just bought it. You never felt like you were receiving a lecture or being talked down to. Cameron did it again in T2, and it was perfect.

What the hell happened to that guy? With Avatar, and now with Dark Fate, he is regressing from a Class-A storyteller pushing the cultural envelope in a way so effective the public accepts it without realizing it, into an obnoxious film student hitting us over the head with a partisan hammer.

All we heard about Dark Fate was how THE GRRRRLS ARE TAKING OVER, how it’s all about capital “D” Diversity, how it condemns the cruelty of Trump’s border enforcement.

Who the hell wants to see that?

Get woke, go broke. We see this time and time and time again at the Cineplex, but these idiots never learn.

Overall, though, I think the biggest problem — and I mentioned this in my review — is that the Terminator concept can only go so far before it runs out of gas, and this sucker ran out of gas in 2003. Dark Fate is just a remake of T2. It just is. And now that we live in a world where, most every week, a new indestructible villain and hero hit the big screen, what is so special about Terminator?

Nothing. [Breitbart]

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