The Democrats had a plan…and they thought it was a good plan. But something happened that screwed everything up.

They would use an anonymous whistleblower, painted out to be some well-connected White House official privy to secret information in order to levy a shadowy charge against the president.

They’d tell the American people that President Trump was abusing his powers behind the scenes – “Watergate-style”- to destroy his political opponents because he was terrified that he’d lose the upcoming 2020 race.

The Dems would say there was “quid pro quo,” and all sorts of other scandalous things that the lying fake news media would breathlessly report on it day after day and night after night – and President Trump would be powerless to stop it. All he could do to defend himself against the anonymous “whistleblower” was to tell the American people about the call and say he did nothing wrong. But, it didn’t matter,  the Dems would have the upper hand because of that pesky “whistleblower” who knew everything and was risking life and limb, to tell the truth…

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That was how it was supposed to go down.

But as Rush Limbaugh points out, President Trump ruined the Dems plan when he released the transcript of the call between him and Ukraine President Zelensky.

And President Trump didn’t even wait for the Dems to get their story out. He dropped the transcript right away, rendering the entire plan completely useless.

That, according to Rush, is the exact moment when the Dems impeachment plans failed.

According to conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, congressional Democrats were banking on President Donald Trump sticking to conventional norms and not releasing the transcript of the phone call between himself and his Ukrainian counterpart.

That’s where their impeachment effort “Plan A” went wrong, Limbaugh argued on Thursday’s show.

“They rolled the dice that Trump would not reveal the transcript of the phone call in order to protect executive privilege, to continue to wage battle between Congress and the executive branch and the separation of powers,” the conservative said. “And they really believed that Trump and his advisers would go to the wall not releasing the transcript.”

If Trump did not release the transcript, the radio host argued, that would have allowed Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and his fellow congressional Democrats “to accuse Trump of exactly what got Nixon.”

Democrats, Limbaugh said, would accuse the president of engaging in a “cover-up” and “obstruction.”

“When the president released the transcript,” he said, “it immediately rendered the whistleblower irrelevant.” [Daily Wire]

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