The answer is really simple. People are not looking for “boxes the left can check off.” They are looking for someone that can be trusted. A person that has some level of decency. Sen. Kamala Harris doesn’t check any of those categories.

MSNBC host Joy Reid said she doesn’t fully understand why Harris isn’t “resonating more with Democrats.” Reid even read off major points such as Harris being the fundamental change that she feels Democrats are looking for and above everything else, Harris is a black woman.

We’ve been saying for a while now how America never asked for a fundamental change to this country, it was pushed on us by the Democratic supermajority and Barack Obama. They thought they were going to rule for over 40 years but America said no.

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Reid: “Kamala Harris, to me, she’s a candidate that seems to fill all those boxes. She would be fundamental change. She’s a woman of color. I cannot explain why she isn’t resonating more.

The fundamentals of her still seem really good to me if you want somebody who will change the perspective of what America looks like but not have as much change as maybe people think Warren is too much change.”

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Decent, thinking people don’t give a damn about ‘boxes to check’ because we actually believe that what matters is the content of the person’s character, and on that front Ms. Harris has been measured and found wanting. Also, whether expressed openly or not, decent, thinking people instinctively know that anybody who has to signal their virtue HAS NONE.

This goes to show how out of touch the MSM is. Vote for candidate a she is black. How about vote for candidates because of their policies. Reid is confused because, like white supremacists, she can only see things through a tribal system, in her case black and female with a dose of socialism, and can not understand why everyone doesn’t see how perfect the world would be if they just had their way.

[VIDEO] Harris Isn’t Sure Democrats Ready To Elect 1st Black Woman President

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Posted by Wayne Dupree Show on Saturday, November 16, 2019


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