The Radical Four has its vehicle to push their socialism message, and that is Sen. Bernie Sanders. They can’t use any other political candidate, but they can utilize the weakest candidate to fulfill their agenda.

The left claims that Omar’s endorsement of a Jew shows that she is not anti-Semitic. What they miss is that Bernie might have Jewish ancestry, but he’s no more Jewish than she is, and I’m sure he’d sell the Jews down the river without hesitation to benefit his power.

This type of socialist-anti-American talk started in Barack Obama’s second term with the rise of left-wing activism, post-gay marriage when the rhetoric started getting hot. The only reason then-candidate Donald Trump became a viable candidate is that he started firing back. This kind of rhetoric has been going on for at least seven years at this point. Maybe not this bad, but it’s been around.

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She sounds like a person outside of our country with no allegiance to it.

Why come here? I could understand someone who hates America from the outside because of our awesomeness, but to live here, experience the American privilege, and still hate it, well that’s driven by a deep ideology founded on total world domination. Cough cough Islam hiccup.

I’m trying to understand her insane thinking. Where she came from, there is poverty and violence, so much that she had to flee to survive. The country she fled to, rather than being humble and grateful she has proceeded to bash it and try to turn it into the country she had to flee.

Can someone even try to comprehend her line of thinking?

Amid repeated chants of “Lock him up!” and “Green New Deal,” Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., issued a full-throated endorsement of Bernie Sanders at a spirited rally in Minneapolis’ Williams Arena on Sunday night, saying a “mass movement of the working class” is needed to take down President Trump and end “Western imperialism,” as she put it.

“I am excited for President Bernie Sanders!” Omar thundered at the conclusion of her remarks, as rock music blared throughout the University of Minnesota venue.

At no point did either Omar or Sanders attempt to stop attendees from shouting “Lock him up” whenever Trump was invoked. Last year, CNBC’s John Harwood had predicted that “any serious Democratic candidate will make a point of shutting down” such chants directed at the president.

Omar’s endorsement was a break from the rest of the state’s delegation of Democrats, which endorsed Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s more moderate campaign. It also constituted a youthful shot in the arm for Sanders’ left-wing presidential bid, which has remained competitive with Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren’s campaigns. [Fox News]

The danger of “shrinking the United States’ influence is not that harmful ideologies will fester, but that, in the power vacuum, states will settle old grudges and accidentally spark regional hot wars. Iran v Saudi (et al.) and India v Pakistan v China all have great risks of going nuclear with no US there to tip the scales against one party. Russia v EU less likely, but still possible. The secondary danger is that either China or Russia will reach a point where they can begin to practice policies of containment towards the US, locking it out of markets, significantly reducing its GDP.

I still don’t understand these people. They mainly want to open borders and reward illegals by crying you a river.

Just follow the law. If someone wants to live here, they can apply like anyone else. If they do not have our values, they do not belong here, simple. Otherwise, you sit with a socialist like Omar, who does not believe in American values. You do not strengthen our values by diluting them with people that do not believe in them and want handouts.


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