There comes a time when family needs to step in and stop the madness.

I get it, the Dems are desperate for candidates, but the downfall of Biden is just getting sadder and more disturbing by the day.

This is the third story I’ve done in a 24-hour period on a Biden “dementia” disaster, and while I know some are “funny,” and make us chuckle, it’s getting to the point now, where it’s not funny, it’s sad.

The last story I did was Biden speaking to a reporter in Iowa, and he was talking as if he was still VP and Obama was president.

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That’s not a gaffe, and that’s not “normal.”  I think this man has some medical issues that may be amplified by the stress of campaigning.

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This latest story is probably one of the most strangest yet.

By all accounts, it looks as if Biden is confused and has lost track of where the crowd and/or camera is located. For at least 18-long-seconds Biden speaks directly to a gigantic screen.

You can watch  the video below:

At the start of the speech, Biden came “trotting” out in an awkward “look, everyone, I can run” moment. And during the speech, Biden was “walking in circles,” while speaking to the crowd. Perhaps that’s what threw him off and left him talking to a screen for 18+ seconds.

Below is a clip of him “running” and going in “circles.”

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