You always hear the lying mainstream media (incorrectly) talking about how “fractured” the Republican Pary is. First off, if the Republican Party was so “fractured” they wouldn’t be raking in donations hand over fist. They’d be flat-broke like the Democrats are, and taking out loans and running lines of credit just to build  their “2020 infrastructure.”

The Democrats are a mess. They have the worst field of candidates ever. Their so-called “frontrunner” is an angry senile old fool who is crashing in the polls and their runnerup is a screeching socialist and pathological liar with the personality charm of heavy-duty sandpaper.

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The Dem candidates have alienated themselves from average working-class Americans by calling for an end to ICE, promising free-everything for illegal aliens, and vowing to blow up healthcare and make it worse than Obamacare – as if that’s even possible.

Obama, who can see the writing on the wall, is now calling on Dems to tone it down and ignore the “radical left” who is calling to tear down the entire system.

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It’s clear he’s speaking to Warren and her “Medicare for All,” and also “The Squad” who want to abolish everything under the sun.

While Mr. Obama did not single out any specific primary candidate or policy proposal, he cautioned that the universe of voters that could support a Democratic candidate — Democrats, independents and moderate Republicans — are not driven by the same views reflected on “certain left-leaning Twitter feeds” or “the activist wing of our party.”

“Even as we push the envelope and we are bold in our vision we also have to be rooted in reality,” Mr. Obama said. “The average American doesn’t think we have to completely tear down the system and remake it.” [New York Times]

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Well, when word spread about Obama’s “rooted in reality” lecture, some on the left went absolutely bonkers, telling him to “f-off” and saying what a sell-out he was, and how it was HIM that screwed everyone over and gave rise to President Trump.

The NYT reporter who wrote the article posted it and the responses to Mr. Obama are stunning. There are so many negative comments – literally thousands and thousands. I picked out some of the best for you to read below.


“Make no mistake. This is the last Democrat president attacking the current Democrat front runner and his supporters. There is no party unity, and they don’t WANT party unity. Fine. We will win.”

“I was inspired by him when he was running. I graduated into a recession and watched Obama bailout the banks and car companies without forgiving any mortgage debts. He chose not to jail the bankers and gave them bonuses instead. He screwed us all.”

“Obama is part of the system. He ran on hope and change, & instead we got a Republican healthcare plan. We went from 2 wars to 8. Obama made the Bush tax cuts permanent. Not a single W.S banker was tried or sentenced to do time. He increased the surveillance state. So he can…”

“”The activist wing of our party”, that’s what makes the left so awesome. Please go away, blue dog. We no longer wish to be ruled by corporations by electing centrists.”

““Speaking before a room of wealthy donors” Lol, go make your rich friends feel comfortable. No one wants to say it either but fact is he’s losing a lot of support among black people”

“I wonder if he realizes his part in the growing activist wing, particularly among the youth and millennial vote. He ran the most “progressive” campaign premised on change many had seen, & then governed very differently. I know many he activated and then radicalized by inaction.”

“We want to tear down the system that gave us forever war and empire, an economy where our lives are playthings for the wealthy, a climate crisis that will lead to an uninhabitable planet Obama is telling us we don’t want to tear it down because he’s a part of and profited by it”

“Not a whole lot want to tear down the system many of us want to improve it, but some things need an overhaul- plain and simple. You backed an unpopular candidate last time and look what happened, so why would you be urging this all over again?”

“He’s parroting the sentiments of the ruling class he hangs around with, not polling of real people. Such a disappointment.”

“Thank god no one with any real influence cares what he has to say anymore.”

“this dude had a super majority and he used the power to get us…. Mitt Romney’s healthcare plan.”

“Oh! The man who promised hope and change, gave us hope but no real change. Yeah, he can have a seat.”

“He’s begging for another half a million dollar speech to Wall Street.”

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