Pres. Donald Trump had his lawsuit that attempted to block a newly passed law that would allow Congress to obtain his New York state tax returns, dismissed by a federal judge on Tuesday.

Trump’s argument is that is a decision to force him to give up his tax returns is a First Amendment issue and how the Democrats are targeting him due to his political beliefs and speech.

Just because of Pres. Trump is fighting hard not to have his taxes released doesn’t mean he’s hiding something or that he is guilty of something. That’s not how the law works in this country. Did the left feel Barack Obama was hiding something when he wouldn’t give up his birth certificate for the first couple of years in office?

And when Obama did give up his birth certificate, it was a multi-layer PDF that when taken apart by the most novice individual.

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I believe the Democrat-led House is going beyond their oversight responsibilities. Their oversight should cover the Executive’s Branch enforcement of laws passed by Congress or budgetary items in the Executive Branch. Investigating all aspects of the President’s life is not one of their responsibilities.

Liberals want the president’s tax returns for one reason – why in the world would a judge go along with that unless he’s a liberal activist, devoid of purpose and integrity.

The law, known as the TRUST Act, was signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in July and calls for the commissioner of the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance to release the president’s tax returns if requested by the chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, Senate Finance Committee, or the Joint Committee on Taxation.

So far, no such request has been made, and District Court Judge Carl Nichols – a Trump appointee – ruled that the D.C. federal court did not have jurisdiction over the New York tax commissioner or the state Attorney General.

“Mr. Trump bears the burden of establishing personal jurisdiction, but his allegations do not establish that the District of Columbia’s long-arm statute is satisfied here with respect to either Defendant,” Nichols wrote in a decision handed down Monday. “Mr. Trump has also not demonstrated that jurisdictional discovery is warranted. Mr. Trump may renew his claims against the New York Defendants should future events trigger one or more provisions of the D.C. long-arm statute, and he may, of course, sue either New York Defendant in another forum (presumably in New York).”

The judge noted that in theory there could be a situation where the D.C. court could have jurisdiction over the New York officials in this matter, such as if the commissioner hand-delivered Trump’s tax returns to a congressional committee. [Fox News]

Who cares about the tax returns of a successful businessman that made billions before his entry into government service. Indeed not the people who voted him into office. This is another example of the continued attempt to discredit and change the election results outside the constitutional voting process. Much more important to inspect the tax returns of career politicians that have made millions during their public service tenure.

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Liberals want the president’s tax returns for one reason – why in the world would a judge go along with that unless he’s a liberal activist, devoid of purpose and integrity.

Everyone in Congress and the Senate SHOULD release their tax returns. They should work on that bill as well. People who write bills that affect the American people should give them much more detailed information about their wealth and investments than the limited forms the gov’t requires them to fill out each year. The people have a right to know with whom all of these people are in bed with, and then be able to judge who might be influencing their decisions.

Expect this to be in the Supreme Court before June 2020.


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