While Gavin Newsom’s state is going up in flames, he’s on Twitter trying to pick “Twitter fights” with President Trump.

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It’s no secret that the reason Calfornia is burning is due to crazy leftist environmental laws. The California National forests look more like “kindling” than a lush forest. California’s mismanagement of the forests has led to this dangerous mess.

However, Governor Newsom refuses to admit that liberal policies have failed and caused damage, death, and destruction. Instead, Newsom claims the fires are caused by “climate change.”

This is the “go-to” excuse for all liberals who don’t want to admit that they’ve failed miserably – and there are enough zombie liberals who will believe him.

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President Trump was kind enough to try and help Newsom with his state’s emergency in a series of tweets.

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The Governor of California, @GavinNewsom, has done a terrible job of forest management. I told him from the first day we met that he must “clean” his forest floors regardless of what his bosses, the environmentalists, DEMAND of him. Must also do burns and cut fire stoppers…..”

“..Every year, as the fire’s rage & California burns, it is the same thing-and then he comes to the Federal Government for $$$ help. No more. Get your act together Governor. You don’t see close to the level of burn in other states…But our teams are working well together in…..”

“….putting these massive, and many, fires out. Great firefighters! Also, open up the ridiculously closed water lanes coming down from the North. Don’t pour it out into the Pacific Ocean. Should be done immediately. California desperately needs water, and you can have it now!”

So, what was Newsom’s response to the President’s advice?

“You don’t believe in climate change. You are excused from this conversation.”

Oh, I see, you’ll beg him for federal dollars to bail you out, but when he calls you on your failures, suddenly he’s dismissed from the talk?

Gavin behaves like a man-child. Who can take this buffoon seriously? Well, not many people, because Newsom got instantly schooled online for his childish remarks.

“Gavin was dropped on his head as a child… repeatedly”

“You believe in it, yet still have made the situation worse”

“Your belief hasn’t stopped the fires. Your corruption has fueled them.”

“Then, stop asking him to bail you out”

“Maybe take a good look around. You’re FAILING!!!!”

“More like he excused you from begging him for money for the “climate change” you created!”

Resign Gavin! We know it’s Democratic policies which is causing CA it’s massive hardship. #RecallGainNewsom

“Trump was right AGAIN, Gavin. Based on everything I’ve seen, you dumbasses should start listening to him.”


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