While Nancy Pelosi eeked out a vote on the impeachment inquiry, the word on the swamp street is she can’t do that when it comes to an actual impeachment vote.

It’s one thing to vote for an innocent “inquiry,” it’s quite another to vote for an actual partisan witch-hunt impeachment that is not popular with the American people…at all.

A new USA Today poll shows only 36% of Americans want President Trump impeached. That polling is in line with polling that came out late-August/early-September on impeachment.

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This is how Americans actually feel about impeachment, not the pathetic fake news poll that the hacks over at Fox News put out, where it laughably claimed 52% of Americans wanted Trump impeached and tossed from office. Literally absurd. Fox was just pushing impeachment propaganda to help the Democrats. We know whose side they’re on.

And it’s because of the real polls, and how strongly independents oppose impeachment, that Trump aid Kellyanne Conway says Pelosi’s “dirty little secret” is that she doesn’t have the votes to impeach.

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Think about it this way – remember the backlash over the Kavanaugh stunt, where several Democrat Senators lost their seats because they voted against Kavanaugh?

Well, imagine the punishment the American people would inflict on House Dems in Trump-friendly states if they dare vote for this impeachment coup?

It would make what happened to Kavanaugh look like a walk in the park.

In addition, Pelosi said back in March that in order for the impeachment to be successful, she’d need bipartisan support. She didn’t get that. So yesterday’s vote was a disaster for her in actuality.

The final impeachment vote is supposedly coming next month or in December. I say it never comes to that, because if it does, Pelosi can kiss her precious speakership goodbye. But if it does, Kellyanne argues that Pelosi doesn’t have 218 who are willing to place their political necks on a chopping block in order to see the entire impeachment coup go down in flames in the Senate.

Again, it’s one thing to vote for an “inquiry,” it’s quite another to vote to actually impeach – and voters will be closely watching.

“We’ve known for a long time that everybody in California and New York want Trump to be impeached, they’ve wanted that since the day he came into office,” said one Trump campaign official who is not authorized to speak on the record. “But in these states where the election is really going to be fought, we’re seeing that voters oppose impeachment, and there’s an intensity to that opposition.”… [The Hill]

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But here’s the political pickle Pelosi’s in (say that three times fast) – her radical “impeachment-crazed” base is now running the party. These kooks are not the majority, but they’re the loudest and have the biggest bully pulpits, so they can be effective. If she didn’t roll out some kind of “impeachment stunt,” that group would have ripped her to shreds. But more importantly, and what scared Pelosi most is that this group of radical kooks would have primaried more Democrat establishment types…Exactly like what they did to her good friend and “successor” Joe Crowley who was primaried by AOC. So, Pelosi is trying like hell to avoid that, while walking this tightrope to keep the House from slipping back into GOP hands due to a backlash from Republican voters. If she takes that final vote, she may throw the whole thing off-kilter.

Keep in mind that the interview below took place before the impeachment inquiry vote on Thursday. However, when Kellyanne refers to “Pelosi not having the votes” for impeachment, she’s referring to the “final” impeachment vote.

Watch the video below:



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