I’m not sure what the media’s endgame is with this new “Trump supporters are a cult” narrative they’ve got going, but they’re really kicking it into high gear.

Do they think this message will resonate with Independents, who will hear it and say, “I can’t vote for Trump, that’s a cult!”

All this does is further show how wildly partisan these hacks are and what shameless fake news they spread. It also insults a bazillion people and makes us hate the media even more than we already do.

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But these media jackals are suffering from Stage Five Trump Derangement Syndrome so they’ve lost all sense and rationale.

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Which would explain why the idiots over at MSNBC are now comparing the “Trump Cult” to ISIS.

More and more, it becomes obvious that far-left media outlets have declared war on those who support President Trump, perhaps in an effort to foment actual violence against them.  This seems to be the case with CNN and MSNBC, the official network of insane liberal rage and hate.

One of the more recent incidents took place during Tuesday’s edition of “HArdball with Chris Matthews.”  During that program, MSNBC contributor Malcolm Nance actually compared Trump supporters to those who follow the terrorist group ISIS.

That’s right — he believes that those who support the President of the United States are “very similar” to the terrorists who behead those they see as “infidels.”

“I’ve seen a lot of phenomenon in my life. I’ve seen a lot of operations. You know, the behaviors that I am seeing here, and this is anecdotal, are very similar to the way that ISIS members are. They are true believers — and this is their reality and they will not surrender it. You know, they’re dead-enders,” he said.

Matthews, of course, lauded him: “Malcolm, I love your attitude. As we say in Philly … you got it. Thank you for coming on tonight.” [Conservative Firing Line]

You can watch the video below:

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