Has some sane American patriot hijacked the controls over at MSNBC?

I ask simply because I am in shock that they allowed this great interview even to hit the airwaves.

During an interview with African American voters, MSNBC spoke to a woman named Karen Walker, and she NAILED every point she made with a sledgehammer of truth.

Her points were so spot-on that I can’t believe MSNBC would even air this.

Walker said that President Trump is doing a wonderful job with the economy, criminal justice reform and that he is “uplifting black people.”

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Walker doesn’t care about Trump’s tweets; she says they don’t pay her bills or buy her groceries. All she cares about are his policies and how they impact her life and the lives of the people in her community – and as far as Karen is concerned, President Trump is doing a fantastic job.

What is so incredibly powerful about Karen’s interview is that it cuts through the entire Democrat and mainstream media talking point that claims style matters more than substance.

The media and Democrats believe that Americans are so stupid that they’d care more about “mean” tweets than their bank accounts or their children’s futures. But it’s not that shocking that they’d say this, because this is precisely how old-school American politics has always worked – you get the “style,” some guy in a flashy suit behaving so “presidential,” but he’s all talk and minimal action.

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Trump is the opposite of that. He’s the brash guy, wearing an extra-long tie, with his crazy hairstyle and no-frills style, but he’s producing results, and at the end of the day, that’s all that truly matters.

Such an amazing interview.

Let us send someone over to MSNBC to see if they’re okay – a welfare check, maybe?

You can watch the video below:

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