If you ask Fox News, most Americans want the president who is in charge of one of the greatest economic booms this country has ever seen, impeached and tossed out of office.

Do you think that sounds legit?

No, most sane people don’t.

We all know by now that the anti-Trump forces love to use skewed polls to push their agendas.

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And yes, Fox News does indeed have an anti-Trump agenda. Don’t be fooled just because people like Hannity, Tucker, and Ingraham host their shows. It’s bigger than that – much more significant. Murdoch’s kids, who now run the cable news network, are flaming liberals. Gone are the Roger Ailes days, when Trump received fair coverage.

Also, keep in mind that the media, no matter what side of the aisle they’re on, will use polling to drive views and clicks. Remember back to the last GOP primary, when the media (Fox included) made it seem as if the race between Ted Cruz and Trump was a heck of a lot closer than it was. In the end, Trump won easily, but a lot of polling showed Ted winning. The bottom line is this – a “close” race will get views and clicks. A blowout? Not so much.

However, what the media is doing now with these rigged impeachment polls is even more about ousting Trump than it is generating ratings.

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However, Monmouth University has finally produced a poll that, Rush Limbaugh notes, “sounds like it is smack-dab right in the middle.”

The sample: 29 percent Republican, 42 percent independent, 29 percent Democrat. It was 48 percent male and 52 percent female, which sounds right because nationally, there are more women than men.

And what did this impeachment poll show?

A full 73 percent of those surveyed have “very little or no confidence” in the impeachment process — not exactly ‘majority’ support for the Garbage Party-RINO drive to overturn the 2016 election results.

Only 24 percent said they had “a lot” of confidence in the process, compared with 29 percent who had “a little” and a large plurality of 44 percent who said they had “none.”

Now, it ought to be said that the mainstream media loves Monmouth, as do political candidates. They use and refer to Monmouth polling all the time.

Except this time. Suddenly, the lamestream media has no interest in reporting a Monmouth polling result because, of course, the results don’t fit the Left-wing Democratic narrative that most Americans hate Trump and want him gone (one look at any of the president’s political rallies, which are well-attended and consistently sold out, will prove that theory wrong).

The same media did take one element of the Monmouth poll to bash the president and his supporters. They honed in on the poll’s finding that 62 percent of the president’s supporters say nothing he does can make them stop backing him. This ‘proves’ that Trump is backed by a “cult” of followers.

Huh? [The National Sentinel]

Fox News wants us to believe that anywhere between 49 and 51 percent of sane Americans want to see President Trump removed. It’s laughable, and those polls have been debunked time and time again. And the best “debunking” of the medias garbage, over-sampled polls is other fair polling – like the latest poll from Monmouth, which shows that a whopping 73% of Americans are skeptical of this entire impeachment process.


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