Barack Hussein Obama is arguably one of the worst, if not the worst president in the history of the United States.

Yet, even so, his dutiful wife claims the world still feels like her husband is “their president.”

Well, she may be right, actually.

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Under this man’s feckless and terrible leadership, the United States was reduced to a quivering mass of bowing ninnies.

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World leaders walked all over Obama, of course, they liked him. Obama was a doormat.

Remember when the Chinese disrespected him during his final trip to Asia? They treated him like a piece of garbage, zero respect.

Meanwhile, President Trump was treated like a king. World leaders respect strength. They abuse weakness.

Obama routinely apologized to the world for American greatness and exceptionalism, so of course, these globalist leaders loved him. He’s was a useful globalist puppet – easy to manipulate.

President Trump is not anyone’s puppet and these world leaders know that.

As Trump has said time and time again, he is the President of the United States, not the world.

Michelle Obama apparently prefers her husband to be remembered as the “world president.” Okay, the world can have him, and you too, lady.

Former first lady Michelle Obama said Tuesday that her husband, former President Barack Obama, could have built his presidential library anywhere in the world because many feel he is “their president.”

Obama, speaking at the Obama Foundation Summit at the Illinois Institute of Technology, explained Chicago’s Jackson Park was selected as the site for the Obama Presidential Center because it was close to the couple’s former home and situated near her South Side childhood home.

“There’s power in the selection of Jackson Park,” the former first lady said. “Barack and I don’t do things incidentally. There’s a strategy.”

Obama then argued the library could have even been built outside of the United States.

“Barack’s presidential library could have been anywhere in the world, because there are so many people who feel like he is their president,” she stated.

“New York wanted it. Hawaii wants it. Because it’s also an economic engine,” she added. [Breitbart]

She said anywhere in the world and then named two U.S. states.

Ha ha ha ha.

By the way, Obama’s library has been marred in controversy. Environmental groups were suing the city to try and stop it from even being built. The Obamas have also been slammed for how they plan to conduct the library.

Environmentalists and historic preservationists are trying to block the Obama Foundation from constructing the 200,000+ square-foot facility on 20 acres in historic Jackson Park. Opponents say that Chicago officials had pitched what would have otherwise been an illegal land grab as proper and necessary to secure what they then called the “Obama Library.”

Further contributing to the Obamas’ woes has been the awful, piecemeal, and still-incomplete rollout of the plan by the foundation and the National Archives and Records Administration, the federal agency charged with preserving and making available presidential records, to handle Obama’s records. Under the plan, the Obamas will not build and donate to the government what would have been the 14th presidential archival facility, and the National Archives will not make the Obama paper records available for public review. Instead, the foundation will select and pay a private vendor to digitize the records—helping to decide the order in which those records are scanned—and NARA will make them available online. Such a decision has alienated many, most prominently the professionals who have been presidential libraries’ most vocal supporters and patrons: journalists, historians, and archivists. [Daily Beast]

In all seriousness, what will be in the library? He has no legacy.

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