We did it – we found someone with less energy than Jeb! Bush and his name is Michael Bloomberg.

As you know, Bloomberg just announced his run for the White House in 2020. He kicked off his campaign with a speech that was so low-energy and flat that he’s now being ridiculed online and it’s hilarious.

This is amazing: Report: Miami Will Host America’s First ‘Concert Against Communism’ to Combat Leftist Ideology

Michael Bloomberg is now going by the name “Mike” and his tagline revealed in the speech is “let’s get it on.” ?What is this, a political campaign or Studio 51 in 1973?

This man is wildly out of touch and lacks any sort of charisma or style. All Bloomberg has is money to burn (and the ability to put us to sleep)…So burn away pal, you’ll never win the White House.

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The comments online are great and definitely have that tired old “Jeb!” feel. This clown is in for a rude awakening and I can’t wait to see it unfold!


“Speaking As A Physician I Am Recommending This Video For My Patients With Insomnia”

“’ve seen autopsies that we’re more fun to watch.”

“Mike Bloomberg sounds like he’s running for office on index cards, with his teacher’s help.”

“when rich men get bored they try to buy the white house.”

“Is he trying 2 put us 2 sleep or 2 proposition us? “So let’s get it on”??? YOU DECIDE!”

“He Doesnt exactly rally the troops or move mountains”

“The “Lets get it on” thing was very awkward”

“Imagine the rally’s for this moron…0 personality 0 Charismatic charm…the Male Hillary clinton basically”

“When did Michael Bloomberg change his name to Mike?”

“This boring, elitist snob made his aides put an air conditioner in his suv window so it will be the perfect temperature when he gets in! A little out of touch with the common man?”

““Let’s get it on.” Did I hear that correctly? Whoa. That is exactly like Bernie Sanders saying MAGA. Wrong era. Wrong guy. Wrong words. Also, they need to add more enthusiasm (to taste) to that teleprompter. Flat. Lacking conviction.”

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