Is there anyone more hateful, bitter and unhappy than Meghan McCain?

This woman is so much like her father, so consumed with anger and hate that she actually wears it. Her face is always twisted in anger. There’s no joy in this woman’s heart – her spirit is dark and heavy. It’s sad from a “humanity” perspective to see someone so miserable. However, it’s hard to feel sorry for Meghan because of how she lashes out with so much venom and hate.

Remember her father’s funeral? She turned that into an anti-Trump rally and spewed and hissed vile negativity, instead of spreading joy and love. But, she is her traitor father’s daughter, so it’s not surprising.

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However, she did top herself on Friday when she went lower than ever by tweeting out a message to Roger Stone after he was unfairly convicted of process crimes in the Mueller witch-hunt and now faces life in prison.

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McCain took to Twitter where she tweeted “Rot in hell, Roger Stone.”

And let me tell you, the responses to her hate were well-deserving and brutal.

“Any last ounce of respect I had for you (and it wasn’t much!) is officially gone now!”

“Didn’t you complain when people said the same about your Dad?”

“I don’t wanna hear a word when folks express the same sentiment regarding your dad. You’ve jumped into the mud, now live with your decision.”

“Sorry, Roger will not be visiting your father.”

“She’s a product of how she was raised. Why do we call the McCains Republicans at all?”

“I try to like you, I really do but, I’m done. You’re so full of hate.”

“I thought he was going to prison, not vacationing with your father.”

“Really Meghan? What if that was said about your Daddy?”

“The fact you relish someone else’s misery says a great deal about you. Hate is a poison of the soul. It’s why your dad loved wars. He wasn’t happy unless someone else was suffering. Apples and trees come to mind.”

“Be very careful, Meghan, very careful. The hate you put out comes back to you tenfold.”

“Thank you John McCain’s daughter. I see you are carrying on his legacy just as planned. Evil and Hate is shining through. Mommy Dearest must also be proud!”

“No, just no. I’ll pray for you, Meghan. That bitterness will destroy you and your health. Let it go. Forgiveness is not for the other person, but for yourself”

“Wow…here I thought you were at least a halfway decent person. With that comment I have lost whatever respect I had for you.”

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