Day two of the public impeachment hearing is going about as well as day one’s disaster.

It’s getting so bad, as a matter of fact, that even rabid anti-Trump people have had enough.

Case in point – Matthew Kolken is an immigration lawyer. He opposes most of President Trump’s policies.

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However, after watching today’s impeachment fiasco he’s so disgusted with the “sham” that he took to Twitter to vent.

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Kolken was referencing a clip involving Republican lawmaker Elise Stefanik, who was trying to ask the witness a question, but Rep. Adam Schiff refused to allow it.

Conservative pundit Ryan Saavedra tweeted out the clip, saying “Adam Schiff’s behavior toward Elise Stefanik is appalling If a Republican did this the media and the Democrat Party would instantly accuse them of being sexist.”

You can watch the video below:

Mr. Kolken quote-tweeted the clip and said these very powerful words, “I’m not a Trump voter and oppose many (most?) of his policies. That said, anyone with any intellectual honesty can see that this hearing is a sham devoid of any semblance of due process. Go ahead Democrats, vote to impeach. You’ve lost any chance at this independent’s vote.”

Trust me, this man speaks for a lot of people. Americans are just not as stupid as Dems need us to be in order to pull this sham off.

Dems should be working on policies that will help working-class Americans, not appeasing their elite/kook base with a fairytale impeachment that is wasting taxpayer money and time.

And one quick note on the latest “hypocrisy” from liberals. The left only fights for women when those women agree with the progressive agenda.

As far as Elise Stefanik goes, she’s been dragged through the mud by the loving left who “empower” women.

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