The amount of Trump Derangement Syndrome that is plaguing humanity is stunning.

And nowhere is the sickness more on display than in the NFL, where these spoiled-rotten, self-absorbed nitwits are constantly bashing and blaming the president for every negative thing they can dream up…Even a college football loss.

As if Trump’s “aurora” somehow has this powerful negative effect on humanity. Insanity.

These people truly need professional therapy.

That’s what anthem-kneeler Mark Ingram, who plays for the Baltimore Ravens and was a former Alabama Heisman Trophy winner said on Twitter.

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Ingram claims that as soon as the cameras showed President Trump at the game (where he received the most thunderous applause and standing ovation ever), Alabama started playing poorly.

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Wow. Okay. That sounds lie a very scientific theory based on facts.


Former Alabama star and Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram essentially guaranteed that the Crimson Tide would beat rival LSU in Saturday’s meeting at Bryant-Denny Stadium. The Ravens running back went as far as to call LSU a “redheaded stepchild.”

So, yeah, he was confident.

But after the Tigers handed Alabama a 46-41 loss at home — snapping a 31-game home winning streak — Ingram waited little time to explain what went wrong for Alabama. It just didn’t have anything to do with the action on the field.

He blamed President Donald Trump. [USA Today]

Needless to say, his sane fans were not pleased with this insanely stupid theory and they let him know it.

“Mark, I admire you so much. Please don’t be a Trump badger. You’re better than that. I support my team, all its former players and my president too.”

“Don’t do that man….I really love you as a raven but please god don’t start bashing trump”

Two great football teams were on the field today and played a hell of a game. The better team won today. #LSU earned their win and Trump was not on the field. Appreciate what you have, and remember it’s because of the fans you have those nice things.”

“Disappointed to hear you say that. I blame it on not running the ball, probably shoulda switched to Mac Jones and no one would tackle. Trump had 0 to do with it. I really hope you were just joking there because I’m a huge fan of yours.

“Sir I mean no disrespect but the players are to blame for their loss. I live in Clemson territory and Alabama is my team, I was born and raised in Alabama. LSU played better and I Congratulate them. I love my team win or lose. Roll Tide”

I know it’s terrible, Black unemployment at lowest level in history, Trump signing Crime Reform to reduce sentences for Blacks! Black home ownership highest in history! Black wage % up to highest in history! Mark stop watching #FakeNews

“Damn Mark! I thought you were smarter than that.”

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