Trump supporters are frustrated with Senator Lindsey Graham, who has done *almost* nothing to help President Trump fight the impeachment coup happening in the House.

Sure, Graham has made the rounds on the Sunday talk shows trashing Dems, and he wrote a symbolic resolution letter slamming the impeachment coup, but Graham has not called one witness. He refuses to hold Senate hearings that could directly combat the circus happening in the House.


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Well, many people believe the reason Lindsey won’t take action is that he may have played a much bigger role in the Trump-Russia dossier – with his friend John McCain – than we realize. And if he called witnesses and opened a hearing, that information would likely become public.

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Trump supporters are so frustrated that they started a hashtag #WheresLindsey and hammered the senator to get off his duff and do something.

People are livid that Graham has shown no leadership and is literally doing nothing to actually help President Trump. If Graham were really serious, Hunter Biden would have been placed under oath weeks ago.

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So, it’s no surprise that Graham will be handing back the chairmanship to Chuck Grassley. That is the good news. However, the bad news is that the transfer won’t happen until AFTER the 2020 election. So, we’re stuck with “do-nothing” Lindsey during this entire impeachment coup.

Conservatives frustrated by “all talk, no action” Senate Judiciary Committee chair Lindsey Graham have just received some welcome news.

News broke Thursday that Senate Finance Committee Chair Chuck Grassley intends to return to the Judiciary Committee when his term with the Finance Committee expires at the end of 2020, right after the presidential election.

“Under Senate GOP rules, Grassley will hit his term limit for the Finance panel at the end of next year. He has informed Graham that he intends to use his seniority to become chairman of the Judiciary Committee starting in January 2021,” The Hill confirmed.

“He has, I think, two more years [before he hits his Judiciary Committee term limit],” Graham said to the outlet. “I’d honor any request that he wants to make.”

And so starting with the 117th Congress, the committee will no longer be led by a man whom many conservatives, including Graham’s own colleagues, argue has failed miserably at his job.

In a tweet posted late last month, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul got to the crux of the right’s beef with the South Carolina senator, writing that it’d be nice if Graham would “actually hold hearings and subpoena witnesses” instead of doing nothing. [Bizpacreview]

Trump supporters reacted to the news, urging Lindsey to step down now.

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