Don’t ever let anyone tell you that Hispanics don’t support President Trump or his pro-America immigration policies and America First agenda.

They not only support him — they’re also out fighting for him on the streets of South Florida, with horns blaring and flags flying…

And that’s pricelessly what a group of Hispanic Trump supporters did – they got in their cars with their Trump flags waving and horns blaring and took to a busy street in S. Florida to show their support for President Trump.

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Dr. Maria Peiro led the caravan and took to Twitter where she delivered a powerful message against socialism.

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Part of our caravan in Miami, FL in support of Trump’s reelection. We’re all Latinos who know what it means to live under socialism. We owe this nation a debt of gratitude. We will defend its freedom and vote 4 @realDonaldTrump in 2020!”

Two of the Dem front-runners are pushing a socialist and communist agenda. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders want to saddle American taxpayers with trillions of dollars of debt in order to provide healthcare and other perks to illegal aliens and freeloaders.

Warren’s “Medicare for All” plan would cost taxpayers $32 trillion (yes, I said TRILLION) dollars over 10 years. Imagine wanting to pay trillions of dollars for crappy subpar medical care?

Thanks, Dems, but you had your chance with healthcare when Obama was in office, and many of us unfortunate Americans are still paying the price for the Obamacare failure.

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President Trump has repeatedly vowed that America will never be a “socialist nation.”  So, it’s more important than ever to support President Trump’s America First agenda, and get out and vote for him and GOP candidates down-ballot in 2020.

It’s the best way we can fight the left’s socialist and communist agenda.

You can watch the Video Below:

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