Liberals are having a fit that a wild rockstar said means things about liberals during a drunken rant.

Have these people ever been on Twitter, where celebrities say vulgar vile things every day?

As a matter of fact, I just came across this little beauty today:

“In the grocery store I see a lil racist in training walking around with his red Maga hoody wanted to slap his little white ass”

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Nobody seems to care that a liberal professional athlete wants to beat white kids who support Trump – and I am guessing this gentleman was stone-cold sober when he typed that.

However, everyone is in meltdown mode over Kid Rock.

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The incident took place at Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk bar that he owns in Nashville, Tennessee. Clearly, he had a few too many and took the stage to let everyone know what he thinks of elite liberals like Oprah and Joy Behar.

Trust me, Kid Rock doesn’t care what the liberals say about him, he’s certainly not trying to impress or appease the outrage mob.

Of course, the left is now calling him “racist” for attacking Oprah and Behar. I think they were calling him “racist” before this, though.

I also think he meant “Kathy  Griffin” not “Kathy Gifford” – but that’s just my opinion.

You can watch the video below (warning language)

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