The anonymous “tell-all” book on Trump, written by a so-called “senior official” has people wondering who it could be.

Well, thanks to former Trump top-aid Katrina Pierson we may be one-stop closer to discovering who it is.

Pierson says the anonymous official behind the latest anti-Trump book is an adviser close to the president.

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While she discussed the anonymous new book called “A Warning,” Pierson said the mysterious author is very close to our America First President.

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Back in 2018, the same person wrote a New York Times op-ed cand claimed to be “part of the resistance” to undermine President Trump.

“I caught a glimpse of something I’m not quite sure people have caught onto yet,” said Pierson, referring to a  WAPO article announcing the release of the book.

WAPO and the media keep saying this “anonymous” author could be someone in the intel community. But Pierson found a clue that shines a lot of light on who this person could be.

Pierson pointed to an excerpt from the soon-to-be-released book that reads, “Americans cannot expect that his advisers can fix this situation. … We cannot.”

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The word “we” in the sentence about Trump’s advisors…

Pierson said she believes the author accidentally outed himself or herself. “This was an adviser to the president,” said Pierson.

“This is someone who was right there, every day with him and they let themself get out there in front of this book — and I think it’s deeply disturbing that this individual is speaking at this level and ‘warning’…America.”

Guest host of the Fox Nation show Steve Hilton agreed with Pierson, calling the book “everything he hates.”

“It’s so arrogant, it’s pompous, spineless, it’s so infuriating,” he said, “but I think it’s good for people to see it because they can see what he’s [Trump] been up against all along.”

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren also joined the panel discussion, echoing Hilton’s blame of the deep state.

“They call us right-wing conspiracy theorists when we say that there’s a  deep state, when we say that people are against this president within his own administration…but despite all this, he just gets stronger and stronger and does more and more for the American people — and that is with everything that he has up against him,” she said.

Conservative commentator Rob Smith also weighed in, labeling the anonymous author as “spineless.”

“I just think he is spineless, cowardly,” he said. “For someone to put something like this out there and not even put their name on it…I just think it’s cowardly.”

The soon-to-be-released book, which is advertised as a highly revealing first-hand account of the resistance to the president from inside his administration received a surprising review from Washington Post book critic Carlos Lozada. [Fox News]

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