Have you ever seen a more gullible, low-info group than today’s anti-Trump liberal?

I have been watching these lunatics online since 2015, and I am STILL shocked at how stupid they are.

Case in point- anti-Trump failed comedian Kathy Griffin took to Twitter to celebrate Trump’s impeachment.

Just Like Her Career: [VIDEO] Trump-Hater Kathy Griffin’s House About to go Up in Flames in Massive California Wildfire

There’s only one problem…

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Trump wasn’t impeached.

Today’s vote was just a silly formality to keep the (pointless) inquiry going…and inquiry designed to fool stupid liberals into thinking President Trump is being impeached…Oh, I guess it worked, then.

Griffin took to Twitter where the unemployed and unfunny comedian announced she had a successful feature film out (huh?) and that the “orange dumbass” got “impeached today.” She then foolishly told her followers it has been 2 1/2 years (meaning with Trump) and it’s time to have a laugh.

hmmm. I have a feeling the last laugh will be on her.

Needless to say, Twitter users wasted no time mocking and shredding Griffin for her ignorant comment and also a few made some pretty good Halloween costume jabs that I threw in for good measure. ?

“I’ve never thought you were funny, but I think it’s funny af that you think Trump was impeached today. Do you pay any attention to anything other than yourself? Today wasn’t even close to impeachment and he’ll never be removed from office. Now THAT is funny.”

“Your ignorance is showing. Your president wasn’t impeached today.”

“Um….he wasn’t impeached. Educate yourself.”

“Are you new to this country? He didn’t get impeached…smh”

“They voted on a PROCESS to learn the facts to establish articles of impeachment they DIDN’T vote to impeach him but that’s what the Republicans would have everyone think. Don’t distribute Republican talking points that rally up their base. Honestly.”

“nope.. this is NOT and #ImpeachmentVote. This is a vote to allow what the dems have been doing for weeks. You do get that, right? This is to now somehow validate the improper proceedings based on a report by an Obama deep state guy. We all clear?”

“Umm. He didn’t get impeached today. It was a vote to approve the rules for the impeachment process. Bless your heart.”

“Kathy is not that bright. Have you ever seen Kathy and Carrot Top at the same time?”

“There’s a lot of people laughing at you, so, at least we have that. I’m going as Nick Sandman. Here’s my pic of him/me after his lawyers get a hold of…..well, you know. Say it w/ me: DOXDOXDOXDOX”

“He didn’t get impeached. It has to go to the senate. Remember them?”

“proof Kathy doesn’t read our replies- this is still up with wrong info that most have pointed out.”

But @POTUS is still President till 2024. Meanwhile your career is still in the Porta potty”

“You’re pretty ignorant if you think the president was impeached today. Shows how uneducated you are. Stick to being a B rated actor/comedian. Google impeachment.”


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