Which NFL team is looking for a 32-year-old headcase QB that hasn’t played in three years and won’t sign unless he’s a starter?

Colin Kaepernick, a former quarterback in the NFL, who last played in 2016, will have a private workout in Atlanta on Saturday for all 32 teams.

The league informed all NFL teams that Kaepernick will do on-field work workouts and will be available for interviews. A video of both also will be made available to clubs.

Colin is a joke, there is something wrong with his way of thinking, FIRST: he was offered a contract, BUT he turned it down, and he brought his political agenda to his job, therefore no one wanted his drama, then like a mentally immature baby boy he screamed collusion by the NFL and won his case

Most people don’t watch sports for political or social justice insight. Kap needs to figure that out before he steps on the sidelines again. Use your grownup voice and communicate in other ways than taking a knee! Better yet? Just move on already. Football is fine without you.

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Being in shape and being ready to play QB in the NFL (read a defense, make progressions, make the hard throws, audible in and out of a situation appropriately, etc.) are not the same thing. Even when he played for the Niners, he was not a top-flight quarterback. What makes him think he can do it three years removed from his last snap.

The session will include on-field work and an interview. All teams are invited to attend, and video of both the workout and the interview will be made available to them.

Several clubs have inquired about Kaepernick’s current football readiness. He has been out of the NFL since 2016, the year he began protesting police brutality and racial injustice by kneeling during the pregame national anthem.

In the memo, the league said: “Earlier this year, we discussed some possible steps with his representatives and they recently emphasized his level of preparation and that he is ready to work out for clubs and be interviewed by them. We have therefore arranged this opportunity for him to work out, and for all clubs to have the opportunity to evaluate his current readiness and level of interest in resuming his NFL career.” [ESPN]

What everyone forgets is when Kaepernick first sat on the bench during the anthem, yes, he did not kneel at. First, it was because he was upset that Blaine Gabbert was starting ahead of him in a preseason football game. Then the media got a hold of it, and his girlfriend, who is a Black Lives Matter leader, concocted this plan. I heard this from a former player. You will not hear this in the liberal media ever, but it is true.

I hope nobody shows. No team owes him a job. He over-played his hand, quit his job, and then wasn’t picked up for various reasons, and the negativity is undoubtedly one of those reasons. Settled with the league? Fine. Shut-up money. Yet he has continued to push for a job he isn’t owed. If I pulled his stunt, I would be let go quick. Probably some ‘just go away’ cash if I went quiet. But that would be it.

The only other outcome I wouldn’t mind hearing about is if every team showed up, and still, nobody signed him.


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