It’s no secret that Joe Biden has had a facelift (or two). He has that weird tight “waxy” look that people get when they have their skin professionally pulled and tucked.

Biden, who behaves like a man with stage 5 dementia, still looks frail and very elderly despite having had work done.

One leading Cosmetic surgeon says that Biden’s work looked “very obvious” and looked terrible. Another said his facelift could “use improvement.”

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New York-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Arthur Perry said the scars on the sides of Biden’s face are the result of a facelift that happened about 6 months before he launched his 2020 campaign.

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Dr. Perry says that when you look close the large vertical scars that begin at the top of the outside of his ear to just below his lobe are visible on both sides of his face. He goes on to point out the horizontal scars stretching from behind his ear to his upper neck.

Those scars are from a facelift.

Biden Facelift scar 1

“The problem with Biden’s surgery is that it’s obvious,” said Dr. Cap Lesesne, a prominent New York cosmetic surgeon who has reportedly consulted with Hillary Clinton and news anchor Katie Couric.

“I’ve operated on several high-profile individuals, and I’d never let them look like that. Those are classic facelift scars. It’s probably been over a year. I kind of feel bad for him. He should have had those scars removed. He’s in trouble because he can’t change it at this point and you expect him to look his best.”

Lesesne described how public figures typically plan operations two to three years before they’re expected to be in the full public glare so the doctor can assess what potential scars would look like under lighting. Men require different surgical techniques because they usually don’t wear makeup except when on television.

Someone like Biden, Lesesne posited, would have several follow-up procedures to minimize the scarring. For whatever reason, it appears Biden neglected to do so.

For decades, it has been apparent that Biden has undergone other cosmetic procedures on his hair, teeth, and face. One leading cosmetic surgeon confirmed to the Washington Examiner that his practice had inserted hair plugs for Biden. As early as 1987, Biden was asked by a reporter whether he had undergone a hair transplant. He responded: “Guess. I’ve got to keep some mystery in my life.”

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel — who says he has celebrities fly in from around the world to his practice — gave a more generous assessment of Biden’s facelift, although he said the scarring could “be improved” with more work.

“Given that he’s been a politician for decades, there’s nothing necessarily terrible. It could just be the way it healed,” Spiegel said. [Washington Examiner]

Biden facelift scare 2

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