Can you imagine a worse spokesperson for “civility” than Jerry Springer?

This man singlehandedly made “public brawling” a thing, and got rich off of humiliating people. He cashed in on disfunction and mental illness and turned it into a sideshow, all to line his own pockets.

Gee, what a great guy he is. Pilar of the community. Super “civil” too.

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Yet here we are, years later, battered and bruised as a society, thanks in part to Jerry Springer who made a sport out of exploiting people’s pain – and now this buffoon is telling us that it’s President Trump’s fault that there’s a “breakdown” in “civility” in the United States?

Democrats are such hypocrites and idiots to boot.

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Springer made the absolutely absurd comment during an appearance on MSNBC.

You can watch the video below:

It’s hard to imagine anyone, even liberals taking this nonsense seriously.

I actually dug around and found one lonely liberal online who agreed that Springer as the “spokesman” for civility was a stretch.

“No offense to Jerry Springer and his political activism, but I can’t help but feel they could have found a better guest to talk about “civility.” And for the record, we don’t need to be civil towards bigots and tyrants.”

However, the saner among us called out the insane hypocrisy and had a good laugh at how desperate the left is to attack President Trump.

You know you’ve jumped the shark when Jerry Springer is your “civility” spokesman.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Jerry Springer lecturing anyone on civility lol”

“All Jerry Springer did my entire youth was demonstrate how to destroy civility and use drama and theater to manipulate the masses via entertainment.”

“Jerry Springer… Blames Trump… For civilization’s lack of civility… Jerry… Springer…”

“MSNBC really had Jerry Springer on my TV to discuss civility. I’m just going to switch channels today. Come on y’all.”

“Jerry Springer and civility in the same sentence…funny. Shock jock.”

“Jerry Springer: Civility Advocate.”

“This is rich I must say. The ultimate shit show host of low life’s and promoting staged violence on TV for decades is blaming the President for current tenure of civility. Leave it to FRS Hollywood sh*t heads off the world! Jerry Springer said this????

“Jerry Springer himself has been breaking down civility, on public tv, for decades! About what is he blaming President Trump?”

“I can’t even think of a word to describe this headline.. “Jerry Springer Blames Trump For Society’s Lack Of Civility””

“You know, b/c Jerry Springer is the new arbiter of civility and decorum…….”

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