Colin Kaepernick is a stuntman who is always looking for the next PR opportunity that can get him the attention he so craves.

He nearly brought the NFL to its knees (pun intended) with his anti-American anthem stunt and then after being booted from the league he spent the last three years whining and complaining that he can’t get shot at proving himself to get back in.

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Well, he was given that shot. The NFL agreed to hold a workout so NFL teams could observe his play…and what did diva Colin do?

He canceled it because he couldn’t have a camera crew film him.

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Can you believe the nerve of this guy?

The NFL says it first heard of Kaepernick’s insistence on bringing his own video crew on Friday night. This was around the same time the league says it was contacted by Nike, with the quarterback’s approval, with a request to shoot an ad featuring Kaepernick and mentioning all the NFL teams that were present at the workout.

In its statement, the NFL also noted it agreed to Nike’s request to film the workout. However, Kaepernick also wanted the event open to the media, which the league was not willing to do. “[W]e have been clear from the beginning that this is private workout.” [The Blaze]

Jay Z, who has fought for Kaepernick, and even pressured the league to hold the workout for him is fed up with the spoiled brat. He said that all Colin cares about is “theatrics,” not football.

He’s right and that’s what the majority of Americans have been saying all along.

Among those who took issue with Kaepernick’s decision to cancel his NFL workout is rapper Jay-Z who had reportedly pressured the league to host the training. According to XXL, the entrepreneur and rapper believes the quarterback turned a “legitimate workout” into a publicity stunt.

Sports writers also blasted the controversial quarterback. USA Today football columnist Mike Jones argued, “Kapernick’s power move further fueled the school of thought that he’s more concerned with theatrics than football.”

“If Kaepernick truly wanted to showcase his skills to as many talent evaluators as possible, then his actions definitely didn’t indicate so,” added Jones. [The Blaze]

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I hope after this, we can stop the nonsense surrounding Kapernick. He’s not been “victimized.” He was a subpar player, who pulled a stunt that nearly destroyed the NFL, and he’s not interested in playing football, he just wants to be famous and make money off of his name and his progressive activism.


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