Kellyanne Conway married a real jerk.

It’s one thing to disagree with President Trump – I get that – he’s human and he makes mistakes. But George Conway is a vile, hateful, nasty little worm. And what makes matters so much worse is that when he attacks Trump, he also attacks his wife. He humiliates her, disrespects her and puts her in horribly awkward positions.

Not to mention his overall disrespect towards GOP women in general. It’s so unbecoming and so unnecessary. This man is supposed to be a professional – a lawyer for goodness sake – and he comes off like an unhinged mental patient. That’s also embarrassing for his wife to deal with, I’m sure.

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On Friday, GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik did an amazing job questioning the former Ukraine Ambassador during the second day of public hearings in the impeachment circus. She did such a good job, as a matter of fact, that the left went into full-blown attack mode, saying such vulgar and hateful things about her online.

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One of those people who attacked her was George Conway.

For starters, Conway tweeted out a vulgar/doctored photo of the young congresswoman.

This is the original photo. I hope she sues him.

He also called the young woman “lying trash.”

Wow, just another loving liberal, right?

Conway put out a tweet promoting Stefanik’s 2020 challenger, saying Stefanik was “trash” and urging people to donate to Tedra Cobb.

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Needless to say, that did not go over well. People are so sick and tired of this guy, so the backlash was swift and harsh:

“It is becoming impossible to give Kelly Anne the benefit of the doubt for sticking with this guy.”


“george hates that he can’t control his own powerful and successful wife, so he has to expend his excess misogyny trying to control other women that have achieved so much more than himself.”

“When is “cancel culture” gonna get to @gtconway3d for referring to a female congresswoman as “trash”?

“Reminder, you’re allowed to call women “trash” only if they’re Republicans”


“You seem genuinely more upset that Elisa is in Congress than Ralph Northam is still the Governor of Virginia.”

“Obviously George is mad at how badly the hearings are going for the Democrats”

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