The local NBC station is airing a “Streets of Shame” segment that is set to expose Gavin Newsom’s failures.

The segment will show a different side of the homeless crisis. It’s not about “poor people” living on the streets…It’s about the poor productive citizens of California being viciously and ruthlessly attacked by these violent and deranged homeless people.

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It’s gotten so bad in Calfornia that homeless men are walking up and down the streets punching citizens in the face and throwing them in front of cars.

Can you imagine walking to work and getting a smelly fist in your face? Well, go to California and you might find out.

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A lot of these homeless people have a mental illness, or they’re strung out on drugs, or they’re just violent monsters hell-bent on hurting others.

In one case a woman had a bucket of diarrhea dumped on her head by a homeless man.

This is what Gavin Newsom has allowed to continue and grow while he’s busy supporting illegals and spreading the “climate change” cult.

But the kicker is that Newsom is spending millions of taxpayer dollars to keep funding the homeless by building more shelters. How is that going to solve the issue? More people will come once the word spreads about all the new shelters – why wouldn’t they come in droves? They can live free and mooch off the system.

Newsom campaigned on fixing the homeless crisis, which is ironic since he was the mayor of San Francisco, where the homeless epidemic is at peak crisis.

You can watch the video below:

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