The hateful, satanic left is at it again.

Now they’re going after a group of Christian football coaches and demanding they stop praying with their players because it’s “illegal” and “unconditional.”

Now, it’s “illegal” to pray in America? 

The group is called “Freedom From Religion Foundation” (don’t they sound fun?) and they say the only reason they’re making these demands against the Christan coaches is that “someone” in the “community” complained to them.

Yeah, right. 

The Freedom From Religion Foundation blasted out a two-page letter to school officials in the Cameron School District.

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The letter read in part:

“It is our understanding that Cameron High school’s head football coach, Jeff Wallace, and assistant coach, David Stucky, have been holding religious ‘chapel’ services for players before and after football games where coaches pray with players and read and discuss Bible verses.

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We understand that after games, Coach Wallace holds religious services with players on the fifty-yard line and leads players in prayer,” the letter continued. “We understand that Coach Wallace often brings in outside preachers to proselytize to players as well.

Freedom From Religion Foundation says it’s “illegal” for public school athletic coaches to lead team prayers or religious worship. They also demanded that school officials conduct an investigation and stop all prayers.

But here’s where the kids outsmarted the devil worshipers…

While the team did have to change up their “prayer policy,” they did it in a way that still allowed the whole team to pray together. Now, the players have taken over for the coachers and they lead the entire group in a “moment of silence.”

Nice workaround, but what a shame that it has to come to this, right?

Imagine being this miserable and bitter in life that all you do is run around and force Christian kids to stop praying?

I wonder if the group was Muslim if they would have reacted the same way?

You can watch the video of the coached leading a prayer below:

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