Could the idiots on the left finally be waking up? Could they realize that all their fake news efforts are not “catching on” with the American people?

That’s what it sounds like, as panic starts to set in over at anti-Trump network CNN.

After throwing everything, including the kitchen sink at Trump, Democrats may finally be realizing they’re in big heading into the 2020 presidential election.

Over the past 24 hours, two TDS CNN hosts have separately pointed that President Trump is doing pretty darn good, even after Democrats voted to formalize their impeachment inquiry against him.

Spoiler alert: Americans know this is a partisan political stunt. We’ve seen this same thing (Kavanaugh) many times before.

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One of those hosts was crazed left-winger Don Lemon.

The radical progressive can’t help but wonder if Trump is “stronger” than Democrats realize.

Gee, ya think? ?

Lemon broke down the developments since the impeachment inquiry vote and declared that Trump had a good week.

“The House voted to advance the impeachment inquiry but the president managed to keep Republicans in line, not losing a single one and even gaining two Democrats from districts that he won in 2016,” Lemon noted.

“The president’s campaign manager says that they had a $3 million haul on the day of the House impeachment inquiry vote,” he added. “And with Americans pretty much split right down the middle on whether he should be impeached and removed from office, this president may be stronger than you think.”

We’re not “split down the middle” those are fake polls. Overwhelmingly, Americans do not want Trump impeached.

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You can watch the video below:

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